Initial web development portfolio

A new Web / Development Portfolio section is available with projects from my Responsive Web Design certification. Also included is the PHP / RSS project from earlier this year. I am drafting another PHP project that can include MySQL connectivity and querying examples.

I am still working on Data Structures and Algorithms training / certification. The projects from that effort will be included in the portfolio section. freeCodeCamp is not kidding when describing the certification as “A ton of JavaScript”. It has been good to refresh on that language and learn about the features of ES6.

Cloud computing and Quick AWS EB Status Check page

I have been trying to play around with and create simple setups with different IaaS/SaaS offerings such as AWS and Azure. One of my first experiments was with using PHP on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

First thought was to try out a health API, but it turned out free accounts did not have access to it. Wanting to dig into PHP for the first time in a while, I decided to look into ways to pull status updates onto a page or block. The result was essentially having PHP gather the most recent AWS RSS for a selected EB instance and add it to the page.

Quick AWS Elastic Beanstalk Status Updates

March 2020 edit: Needed to disable the EB instance this was hosted on indefinitely. Page has been moved to this website.