So much JavaScript, other happenings

I finally wrapped up the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification from freeCodeCamp. It was a beast. As someone who dabbled in JavaScript a long time ago and worked with similar syntax in PHP, the course work still found ways to challenge me. There were plenty of thought provoking activities.

Output from the final five certification projects are in the Web / Development Portfolio section.

Some of the areas of personal improvement I took away from the certification:

  • Learning changes introduced in ECMAScript 6
  • More practice/application of recursive functions
  • Better grasp on regular expressions (shudder)

I am quite happy to get through it. Next up from the FCC block is training on Front End Libraries, which covers topics I am quite interested in such as jQuery and React.

I do have a balancing act with that training and a couple other upcoming activities. First, I am starting a new opportunity in November and will be training on new cloud software technology. Second, I need to wrap up my A+ exams before my vouchers expire.

Never a dull moment!

Initial web development portfolio

A new Web / Development Portfolio section is available with projects from my Responsive Web Design certification. Also included is the PHP / RSS project from earlier this year. I am drafting another PHP project that can include MySQL connectivity and querying examples.

I am still working on Data Structures and Algorithms training / certification. The projects from that effort will be included in the portfolio section. freeCodeCamp is not kidding when describing the certification as “A ton of JavaScript”. It has been good to refresh on that language and learn about the features of ES6.

New support content section and certification update

As I enjoy working in the technical support and knowledge spaces, I thought it best to create the Support / Content Samples section with links to my examples. Unfortunately, much of the work has been lost since the IBM Rational channels and spaces have been deleted. Well, here’s to future creations!

Speaking of creation, I completed freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design certification on August 7. It was satisfying to catch up with the latest HTML/CSS versions and put them into practice. It is also great to get a portfolio going. It has been several years since I worked with web development or content, and I did not have a solid creative outlet. The portfolio work and getting this website rolling again definitely helps fill that void.

I am introducing portfolio items in blog posts over the next week or so.

freeCodeCamp‘s training programs are impressive. I recommend checking them out if you are looking into new development technology. I already started on the next certification for “Algorithms and Data Structures” with JavaScript.